About Me

Welcome to my blog, dedicated to the world of baking and food!

My name is Beckie and baking yummy treats has been one of my biggest passions since childhood. Some of my best childhood memories are of baking with my mum and sisters, so I decided to create this site as my way of sharing this passion with the world. My dream is to start my own bakery/cafe in the future, specialising in afternoon teas, so this Iis my starting point.

This blog includes recipes, reviews, recommendations for other blogs and anything else that I find interesting to share with everyone. My intentions are to share these with others so I hope that you have the time to try some of the recipes I recommend.

I also sell cake and treats for a range of parties and events, so please get in touch by clicking the Contact button at the top if anything on this site takes your fancy.

Enjoy and eat cake 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love baked treats. What a cool blog.

    Posted by LFFL | September 8, 2013, 18:32

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