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Chocolate Orange and Amaretti Semi-Freddo

Desserts are a life necessity. I find it impossible to finish a meal without something sweet, like I need something to close the door (so that I can start thinking about my next meal). I love hot desserts like crumbles and pies, however sometimes it is refreshing to finish off with something cold. I have previously dabbled with ice-cream (see my Summer Berry and Shortbread Ice-cream) but when I recently had some friends round for dinner I decided to try a semi-freddo. It is very fresh, and does not need anything to accompany it. The basic recipe is from BBC Good Food, however I decided to give it a chocolate orange theme with some amaretti biscuits for a crunch.Chocolate Semi-FreddoIngredients
35g golden caster sugar
2 medium eggs
125g dark chocolate, finely chopped
225ml double cream
100g Amaretti biscuits (broken into small bits)
Grated rind of half an orange

Butter and line a loaf tin with cling film. Bring a small pan of boiling water to a simmer. Place the sugar and eggs in a heat-proof bowl and place it over the pan. Whisk together the mixture until it is pale, thick and has doubled in size. Remove the mixture from the heat and place the bottom of the bowl into cold water, continuing to whisk until the mixture has cooled down.Cream MixtureIn the meantime, melt the chocolate in the microwave on a low heat. Once melted, pour it into the egg mixture around the side of the bowl and gently fold in. Pouring around the side prevents the bubbles from collapsing. In a separate bowl, whisk the cream to soft peaks, add to the chocolate mixture along with the amaretti biscuits and orange rind, and fold it all in together until fully combined. Gently pour the mixture into the lined loaf tin and level the surface with the back of a spoon. Cover the dessert with some clingfilm and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours before eating.Semi-FreddoTo serve, place the loaf tin in the fridge about 20 minutes before due to eat, cut a slice and pop back in the freezer. The semi-freddo can easier be made in advance and will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks – enjoy šŸ™‚

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I am a keen reader and baker who loves all things sweets! This site is for me to review books and share baking recipes. If you have any comments or recommendations, then please get in touch!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange and Amaretti Semi-Freddo

  1. Girl, this looks DELICIOUS. I’ve ever even though of making a semi freddo before. Good job.

    Posted by amyjonesuk | September 24, 2013, 06:54
  2. I absolutely love semifreddo and this looks like such a gorgeous combination. Yum.

    Posted by thelittleloaf | October 15, 2013, 13:44

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