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Elderflower and Raspberry Compote

Summer, summer, summer… the best season of the year. It is also a time for relaxing and having a holiday, which is what has been happening at Bee’s Teas. A busy few months has meant a little break from blogging, however now that our feet are back on the ground, we are ready to bake up a storm!

A little while back, I was lucky enough to receive a few bottles of Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials, with the mission of creating a yummy recipe with them. If you have not had a Belvoir Fruit Farms cordial before, you are missing out. Amazing as a soft drink, or as an addition to some fizz, these cordials are fresh and perfect to combat the heat (I am sipping on one as I write). After spending a few weeks agonising over what to make, I decided to keep it simple and make a fruity compote using raspberries. After a few attempts, I managed to get the right consistency. It is easy to make, and perfect to have with ice-cream, meringues or drizzled over cake.Elderflower and Raspberry CordialIngredients
300g raspberries (frozen or fresh)
25g caster sugar
3 tbsp elderflower cordial (Belvoir)

Put the raspberries and sugar in a small saucepan and mash them together with a fork (unless they are frozen, in which case wait until they have defrosted on the hob). Place over a low heat and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes until it has thicken in consistency.Raspberries in panStir through the elderflower cordial, allow to simmer for a few more minutes and remove from the heat. Whilst cooling, sterilise a jar (either in the dishwasher, or in a pan of boiling water). Once the compote has cooled, carefully pour into the jar and seal the top. You can pour the compote through a sieve to remove the seeds (however add an extra 100 – 150g of raspberries to the mixture if you do).

The compote will keep in the fridge for up to the week, and makes a lovely summer gift – enjoy šŸ™‚


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I am a keen baker who loves all things sweets and yummy! This site is for me to share recipes, review a range of things which I love and generally share the baking joy. If you have any comments or recipes which you think that I would like, then please get in touch!


One thought on “Elderflower and Raspberry Compote

  1. What lovely use for an elderflower cordial! I wouldn’t have thought to pop it into a jam…a lovely treat!

    Posted by What Kate Baked | August 12, 2013, 06:38

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