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BeesTeas AND Books!

Hello world, it’s been awhile. I have been a busy bee – sadly not baking as often as I used to, however BeesTeas has been patiently waiting in the background, reminding me of times when life was simpler, sweeter and more intimate than we are able to be at present. Six years, a few children and a global pandemic later, I am ready to take back the reins and return to the world of blogging, albeit it in a different format….

BeesTeas will be taking a little turn (hopefully for the better) and now become a reviewer of books instead of cakes. Like many, I’ve come out of lockdown with some new hobbies: a love/hate relationship with running (which still has not cured the baby bump, however that may be due to the vast amounts of food I continue to consume), and a renewed affinity for reading. I’ve spent many hours curled up with a book, locked in the captivating imagination created in my mind. Reading has helped to ease the emotional difficulties of this past year, and I have felt like a porous sponge soaking up mountains of creativity and knowledge. With this in mind, I decided to start writing my own un-intellectual reviews of the books I am reading. This project has selfish motives – a desire to start a career in some way using the written form – however I also hope that these reviews will resonate with someone who has read a particular book, or is looking for something new to tickle their appetite.

So keep your eyes peeled for some exciting content coming soon! There will still be the odd baked goods thrown in, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without cake, but I hope this new angle will contribute something to the wider digital knowledge out there, and be enjoyable for those who decide to stop awhile.

Love, Bee

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